Weekend in Yangyang

With the start of a new school year rapidly approaching, I knew I wanted to get out of Seoul a couple more times and explore some other places before the end of the summer. The first of these trips was to 양양 (Yangyang), chosen by my friend Min. It’s actually just down from Sokcho, which I had visited a few weeks before and loved, so I was excited to see a little more of this beautiful area on the East coast. To save a bit of money, we aimed for one of the cheaper buses, which run less frequently. This therefore meant […]

The 2015 Korea Music Festival and Exploring Sokcho

Last weekend was the 2015 Korea Music Festival, held in Sokcho, a city on the East coast next to the famous Seoraksan National Park. It occurred from Friday to Monday, with each night centred around a different theme and hosting relevant artists. Sunday was the K-Pop night, and having heard that Super Junior were due to perform, I wanted to attend. My friends were either busy or didn’t want to travel to a city three hours away just for a K-pop concert, which was fair enough, so I decided to have a small adventure and go alone. Because I was […]