Spectacular Buddhist Temple Cuisine (사찰음식) at Sanchon (산촌)

Ever since I first came to Korea, I’ve wanted to try the Buddhist temple food on offer in a few select restaurants in the city. Considerably pricier than a regular meal (usually starting at a minimum of ₩30,000 for lunch, more for dinner), however, I wanted to make sure that I went for a special occasion; when a friend suggested that we go for my birthday, it seemed the perfect opportunity. After a little research, I chose Sanchon (산촌), which seemed to be the most renowned and well-established restaurant – it’s been going since 1980. I assumed we wouldn’t need a reservation, […]

September~November: Diary

Apologies for not posting for the past couple of months – I’ve been so busy with university that I’ve not really had a lot of time for anything other than studying, especially in recent weeks. However, I’m now on a much needed two week break from classes, having completed my first semester and passed Level 3 of Korean. I moved last week, too; I no longer live in my beloved Hapjeong, but am closer to my school, and share an apartment with one of my best friends here in Korea. So, now that things are finally settled – for the first […]

Seoul in 48 Hours – Day One

My friend Julie, who I know from university back in London, is currently taking an intensive Japanese language course in Japan. It was her birthday last weekend, and she decided to come and spend it in Korea with myself and Eunju. Because of her lessons, she could only be here for a couple of days, so we did our best to cram in as much as possible in the short amount of time we had. She arrived late on Thursday night and went straight to Eunju’s house, where she would be staying, so I arranged to meet them the next day. […]