The Best Dog Cafe in Seoul – 구름 뜬 하늘 (Cloud With Sky)

One of my favourite things about Seoul is its abundance of animal cafes. A part of the culture for years, more recently opened cafes have branched out from the traditional cat and dog themes to more unusual pets like raccoons, owls, and beyond. However, I have deliberately avoided these more ‘exotic’ cafes for fear of poor animal welfare – plus, a friend took her dad to the raccoon cafe and he was bitten, subsequently requiring stitches and several hospital check-ups. Of course, dogs and cats can be similarly mistreated, but due to their domesticity, I don’t really have any problems with their […]

Nate Ruess @ Yes24 MUV Hall / 네이트 루스 @ 예스24 무브홀

A little while ago, I was browsing the Yes24 ticket website for upcoming concerts and noticed that Nate Ruess of fun. was due to perform the very next week. I’ve been a huge fan of fun. for years but only managed to see them live once, back in London in 2012. At the start of this year, I was lucky enough to see Jack’s current project, Bleachers’, first UK show, and ever since Nate released his solo music I was keen to attend a show should the opportunity ever arise. I ended up getting lucky because, when I clicked on […]

All You Can Eat (Vegetarian) Shabu Shabu @ Let Us/Lettuce Shabu Shabu, Hongdae

My friends in Korea are always on the lookout for somewhere I can eat easily with them as a vegetarian, which is lovely of them. Dining out is such a big part of the culture here, and it sucks if I have to miss out or always drag whoever I’m with to the same few places. Last week, my friend Alessandra suggested that shabu shabu might be something I could have, provided I had my own hotpot to cook my food in. She did some research and found 레타스 (Let Us/Lettuce) Shabu Shabu (website Kor. only) in Hongdae, which has individual hotpots […]