September~November: Diary

Apologies for not posting for the past couple of months – I’ve been so busy with university that I’ve not really had a lot of time for anything other than studying, especially in recent weeks. However, I’m now on a much needed two week break from classes, having completed my first semester and passed Level 3 of Korean. I moved last week, too; I no longer live in my beloved Hapjeong, but am closer to my school, and share an apartment with one of my best friends here in Korea. So, now that things are finally settled – for the first […]

The 2015 Korea Music Festival and Exploring Sokcho

Last weekend was the 2015 Korea Music Festival, held in Sokcho, a city on the East coast next to the famous Seoraksan National Park. It occurred from Friday to Monday, with each night centred around a different theme and hosting relevant artists. Sunday was the K-Pop night, and having heard that Super Junior were due to perform, I wanted to attend. My friends were either busy or didn’t want to travel to a city three hours away just for a K-pop concert, which was fair enough, so I decided to have a small adventure and go alone. Because I was […]

Volunteering at the Summer K-Pop Festival 2015

While browsing online a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a call for foreign volunteers for a K-pop festival in Seoul. In exchange for assisting with the festival, you would receive VIP seats for the concert itself, which seemed like a good deal to me, especially when I noted that the line-up featured big names like Infinite and Got7. A few days after I applied, I received an email stating that I had been successful, and later received information about the training session, which occurred the day before the festival. Our training was held at Dongguk University, which due to its […]

Nate Ruess @ Yes24 MUV Hall / 네이트 루스 @ 예스24 무브홀

A little while ago, I was browsing the Yes24 ticket website for upcoming concerts and noticed that Nate Ruess of fun. was due to perform the very next week. I’ve been a huge fan of fun. for years but only managed to see them live once, back in London in 2012. At the start of this year, I was lucky enough to see Jack’s current project, Bleachers’, first UK show, and ever since Nate released his solo music I was keen to attend a show should the opportunity ever arise. I ended up getting lucky because, when I clicked on […]