반 고흐 인사이드: 빛과 음악의 축제 // Van Gogh Inside: Festival of Light & Music

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend the wonderful Van Gogh exhibition at 문화역서울 284 (Cultural Station 284). The building is the European-style former Seoul Station, which has been beautifully repurposed into an art gallery/cultural space, and is located (though somewhat shrinking in comparison) next to the sleek new glass station. A lack of time meant that we only managed to cram in a visit when we heard it was the very last day and panicked, but I’m so glad we did; despite the crowds – apparently everyone else was as disorganised as us – the experience was magical. The exhibition […]


아홉 개의 빛, 아홉 개의 감성 • 디뮤지엄 // 9 Lights in 9 Rooms, Spatial Illumination • D Museum

In Korea, once something – be it a tv show, food, place, or anything in between – becomes popular, pretty much everyone here begins indulging in that thing. You see countless posts strewn across social media on any given day depicting everyone’s interaction with said craze, and it’s a phenomenon unlike anything I’ve experienced anywhere else in the world.