September~November: Diary

Apologies for not posting for the past couple of months – I’ve been so busy with university that I’ve not really had a lot of time for anything other than studying, especially in recent weeks. However, I’m now on a much needed two week break from classes, having completed my first semester and passed Level 3 of Korean. I moved last week, too; I no longer live in my beloved Hapjeong, but am closer to my school, and share an apartment with one of my best friends here in Korea. So, now that things are finally settled – for the first […]

Korean education vs. British education

As part of the extra curricular portfolio I was required to put together for one of my Korean classes, I decided I wanted to interview my Korean friend Eunju, who is currently studying at my university in London. I chose this project because it would entail so many things – writing questions, conducting the interview, listening back to the recording and transcribing Eunju’s answers, and then finally translating her answers from Korean to English. This initially seemed like a great idea, but I considerably underestimated what a difficult and time-consuming process it would be.


It seems as though I’ve been destined not to update this blog, no matter how much I’ve wanted to. I’ve opened up WordPress on countless occasions throughout the past several months in the hope of having long enough to write something, and I’ve been unsuccessful every time. Well, that changes today. (At least, I reaaaally hope it does.) I wanted to write about my initial experiences of Korea while it was all still fresh in my mind. Unfortunately, once I arrived back in the UK, the entirety of my summer was spent working at two (for a while, three) jobs, and as […]


I’ve never been particularly good at writing ‘about me’s, but I suppose it’s customary to do so at the start of a new project. So: I’m Olivia, a soon-to-be Korean and International Relations student from the UK. I’m now coming to the end of my second gap year, 80 days of which was spent living and working at a hostel in Seoul. I’ve created this blog as a platform for me to share my experiences of the city – from what it was like trying to get by as a vegetarian, to how to use a 찜질방 (jjimjilbang – Korean bathhouse) without […]