Exploring 전라남도 (South Jeolla) with MBC and the Visit Korea Committee

These days, whenever I inform my family and friends of my latest adventures here in Korea, they’re rarely surprised. So many wonderful yet crazy opportunities have come my way in the past six months that, when I recently told them I had managed to snag myself and four friends a free weekend away exploring 전라남도 (Jeollanam-do, South Jeolla Province – the south-west of Korea), they were excited for me, but weren’t particularly amazed. When I added that it would be filmed by MBC, they remained blasé; after all, my parents mockingly asked, just how many times have I been on television here […]

Weekend in Yangyang

With the start of a new school year rapidly approaching, I knew I wanted to get out of Seoul a couple more times and explore some other places before the end of the summer. The first of these trips was to 양양 (Yangyang), chosen by my friend Min. It’s actually just down from Sokcho, which I had visited a few weeks before and loved, so I was excited to see a little more of this beautiful area on the East coast. To save a bit of money, we aimed for one of the cheaper buses, which run less frequently. This therefore meant […]

The 2015 Korea Music Festival and Exploring Sokcho

Last weekend was the 2015 Korea Music Festival, held in Sokcho, a city on the East coast next to the famous Seoraksan National Park. It occurred from Friday to Monday, with each night centred around a different theme and hosting relevant artists. Sunday was the K-Pop night, and having heard that Super Junior were due to perform, I wanted to attend. My friends were either busy or didn’t want to travel to a city three hours away just for a K-pop concert, which was fair enough, so I decided to have a small adventure and go alone. Because I was […]

Busan in a Day

I arrived back in Korea about a week and a half ago, and since then it’s been pretty much non-stop. I went straight back into working at my friends’ hostel, and after a couple of days of work, some friends invited me to go to Busan with them for a quick trip. Having never been, I jumped at the chance, and although I didn’t get into Busan until about 5pm on Sunday evening, we packed a great deal in on our one full day, Monday, before I returned to Seoul on Tuesday.

18 hours in Jeonju – bibimbap and boats

After our day at Naejangsan, we caught a bus from Jeongeup to 전주 (Jeonju), about an hour away. A fellow traveller who was staying in the city informed us that Jeonju’s bus terminal is a little out of the way, and suggested we get off in the central district. I was under the impression that the guesthouse we were hoping to stay at was near the terminal, so we stayed on the bus until the end. Mistake number one.

Hiking at Naejangsan

During the time I spent living in Seoul, I unfortunately didn’t venture out of the city. As a result, I hadn’t even considered that I might see more of Korea during my short, ten day trip at the beginning of November than I did living there for three months. I love Seoul, don’t get me wrong – but I was ready to see the Korea beyond the capital. I’m now officially a Korean student, too, and you can kind of get by in Seoul without speaking too much of the language; Jesse suggested that getting away from the metropolis would throw me […]