Hi! I’m Liv, a 23-year-old Korean major student from the UK.

I first visited Korea in spring 2014, during which I spent three months living and working at a hostel in Seoul. Following this, I returned for a 10 day trip that November, when I ventured outside of the city for the first time. I spent summer 2015 back at my friends’ hostel, before finding an apartment and beginning my Korean language course at the wonderful Korea University, where I studied for a year.

My time spent in Korea has brought with it some ridiculous and wonderful things – from performing as a backing dancer for Kim Yeong-cheol at a Kpop festival in front of thousands, spending a weekend with an MBC camera crew to promote travel for foreigners outside of Seoul, and even recording promotions for MAMA, the world’s biggest Kpop music awards. Every time one of these crazy events occurred, I thought that surely it would be the last, but they just kept on coming – and of course, I kept saying yes.

As of 2017, I am primarily based in London while I finish my degree. After my graduation in 2018, who knows! Hopefully the future will bring with it plenty of opportunities to spend more time in my favourite country.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. Alternatively, drop me an email at livinkorea94@gmail.com 

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  1. Hi Liv,

    I’m an English student too, just finishing up my undergraduate degree here, then I hope to do some graduate studies in Korea. I saw you volunteered for Cham E&C, just wondered how you got into that and how it was?

    1. Hi Amy,

      Many thanks for your message, and I can only apologise for how long it has taken me to get back to you! You’re quite possibly already over in Korea by now – if you are, then I hope you’re enjoying yourself! I think I first came across Cham E&C via social media, where one of their members had posted about an event for foreigners. There are a number of good groups for expats in Korea over on Facebook, and I would recommend having a look and joining a few. Even though I’m currently based in London, I’m still a member and find them to be a good source of information about a whole variety of topics. There are also particular groups for expat women, which I find to be particularly useful and a good source of support for all sorts of things.

      The big groups will have various advertisements (for volunteering opportunities, jobs, etc.), much like some of the things I got involved with while I was in Seoul. I’m not sure whether Cham E&C is still around, but there will certainly be similar organisations if not. I get emails from Funday Korea Networks all the time, offering a huge range of exciting things you can participate in, usually for free. The KTO is another good place to look, and I’ve been involved with things through them as well.

      Overall, I can’t recommend getting involved in this stuff enough. Korea is eager to offer everything you could imagine to foreigners, from cultural classes to weekends away – and more often than not, there will be little to no cost involved on your end. It’s a great way to learn more about Korean culture, visit places you might not otherwise get to, and meet new people.

      Enjoy your time in Korea, and let me know if you have any other questions (I promise my response will be more prompt this time!)

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