Hi there, I’m Olivia. I’m a 22-year-old Korean major from the UK, currently studying in Seoul.

I first visited Korea in spring 2014, during which I spent three months living and working at a hostel in Seoul. Following this, I returned for a 10 day trip that November, when I ventured outside of the city for the first time. I properly moved here in July 2015, and have been here since. I spent the summer back at my friends’ hostel, before finding an apartment and beginning my Korean language course at the wonderful Korea University.

When I’m not studying (which is, sadly, only about 5% of my time these days), I’ve adopted the rule of just saying yes to every opportunity that Korea presents me. Over the months, this has led to some quite ridiculous and wonderful things – from performing as a backing dancer for Kim Yeong-cheol at a Kpop festival in front of thousands, spending a weekend with an MBC camera crew to promote travel for foreigners outside of Seoul, and even recording promotions for MAMA, the world’s biggest Kpop music awards. Each time one of these events occurs, I think that surely this will be the last, and yet they seem to keep on coming. And, as I keep being asked to do such crazy things, I will of course keep saying yes.

I created this blog primarily as a way to update friends and family alike back home about my life here in Seoul, but occasionally others do stumble across it – thanks for dropping by if that applies to you! – so I do my best to include useful titbits of information about things to do, places to visit, and so on. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

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